types of foxes

Explore the fascinating varieties of foxes found around the globe, their unique characteristics, and where to spot them in the wild.

Arctic Fox

Arctic Foxes thrive in extreme cold, changing coat colors with seasons for camouflage. Spot them in Iceland and Norway's Svalbard.

Red Fox

Red Foxes are the largest true foxes, adaptable to various habitats worldwide, from forests to urban areas.

Swift Fox

Swift Foxes, small and agile, inhabit North America's western grasslands. They're known for their remarkable speed.

Kit Fox

North America's smallest foxes, are desert dwellers with large ears for heat dissipation.

Corsac Fox

Corsac Foxes roam Central Asia's steppes and semi-deserts, known for their migratory habits and communal dens.

Cape Fox 

Native to southern Africa, are small with large ears, thriving in arid and semi-arid regions.

Pale Fox

The elusive Pale Fox inhabits Africa's Sahel region, distinguished by a black-tipped tail and nocturnal habits.

Bengal Fox

Found in the Indian subcontinent, are known for their long, bushy tails and monogamous pairs.

Tibetan Fox

With a unique square face, live in the high-altitude Tibetan Plateau, preying on pikas and rodents.

Blanford’s Fox

Blanford’s Foxes, among the smallest foxes, inhabit the Middle East's rocky terrains, adept at climbing.

Rüppell’s Fox

Adapted to desert life, are found across North Africa and the Middle East, with large ears for cooling.

Fennec Fox

Fennec Foxes, the smallest canids, are Sahara Desert natives, known for their distinctive large ears.