types of dog ears

Dive into the fascinating world of dog ears and discover the unique shapes and styles that define different breeds.

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Prick Ears

Standing straight up, prick ears are common in many northern breeds and give a sharp, alert appearance.

Candle Flame Ears

These ears are similar to prick ears but have a slight curve at the tip, resembling a candle flame.

Blunt-Tipped Ears

Standing erect with rounded tips, these ears are a signature look for breeds like the French Bulldog.

Bat Ears

Large in proportion to the head, bat ears are broad at the base and rounded at the top.

Hooded Ears

These ears curve slightly forward, giving the appearance of a hood.

Cocked Ears

Semi-erect with the tips folding over, cocked ears are a blend of prick and drop ears.

Button Ears

These ears fold forward, covering the inner ear with the tip lying close to the skull.

Drop Ears

Hanging down from the head, drop ears can vary in size and shape but always drape downward.

Rose Ears

Small and folding backward, rose ears give a unique and elegant appearance to certain breeds.

Folded Ears

These ears lie close to the head and have a significant fold, often seen in wrinkled breeds.

V-Shaped Ears

Pointing downward and slightly away from the head, V-shaped ears are both sleek and sharp.

Filbert-Shaped Ears

Unique and rare, these ears are shaped like a hazelnut or filbert.

From prick to filbert, the diversity in dog ear shapes showcases the incredible variety within the canine world.