types of brown birds

Little Bunting

Known for its distinctive head pattern, the Little Bunting is a small bird with a warm brown plumage.

Brown Jay

A social bird, the Brown Jay is often seen in groups, making a variety of vocalizations.

Brown Shrike

This migratory bird is known for its sharp beak and predatory nature, often preying on insects.

Canyon Towhee

With a subtle beauty, the Canyon Towhee is often found in dry habitats, scratching the ground for food.


Recognized by its melodious song, the Veery is a thrush with a warm cinnamon-brown upper body.

Hermit Thrush

This bird is known for its ethereal song and distinctive reddish tail.

Swainson’s Thrush

With an olive-brown upper body, this thrush is known for its upward spiraling song.

Barred Owl

This large owl has a distinctive hooting voice and is known for its striped plumage.


Celebrated in poetry and song, the Skylark is known for its aerial display and melodious song.

Brown Creeper

This small bird camouflages perfectly with tree barks and is known for its spiral upward movement.

Cactus Wren

The largest wren in the U.S., it's often found in arid regions and is known for its distinctive voice.

Brown Thrasher

With a long tail and curved beak, this bird is known for its mimicking abilities.

House Wren

A small and energetic bird, the House Wren has a powerful voice and is found near human habitation.

Cedar Waxwing

With a sleek appearance, this bird is often seen in flocks and is known for its high-pitched calls.

House Sparrow

One of the most widespread birds, the House Sparrow is often associated with human settlements.