Dog Statistics

Captivating facts and figures about our loyal canine companions.

World Full of Dogs

With over 900 million dogs globally, their presence is undeniably vast.

Freedom of Free-Range Dogs

A staggering 85% of dogs worldwide roam freely, without being confined to homes.

Diversity of Dog Breeds

With over 190 recognized breeds, there's immense diversity in the canine world.

America's Love for Dogs

Close to 63.4 million American households cherish the company of at least one dog.

Popularity of Small Dogs

Nearly half of the US households prefer the charm and appeal of a small dog.

Training Our Companions

Around 73% of dog owners believe in using training methods for better behavior.

More Than Just Pets

For 95.5% of dog owners, their pets hold a special status as family members.

Treating Our Furry Friends

1 out of 5 dog owners in the US delight in buying special treats for their canine pals.

Rescue and Adoption

Approximately 23% of pet dogs in the US have been adopted from shelters or humane societies.

Prioritizing Health

35.7% of yearly pet spending is dedicated to ensuring their veterinary and medical well-being.

Unbreakable Bond

These statistics highlight the depth of the bond shared between humans and dogs.

Canine Contribution

Beyond companionship, dogs play various roles in society, aiding and bringing joy to many.

A Lifetime of Love

From being a playful puppy to a loyal old friend, dogs offer love like no other.