Smooth Fox Terrier

Discover the Smooth Fox Terrier, a breed known for its high energy, intelligence, and hunting heritage, making it a lively and affectionate companion.


Originating from England, Smooth Fox Terriers were bred for fox hunting, showcasing their keen instincts and agility.


Playful, intelligent, alert, and affectionate, Smooth Fox Terriers are known for their lively personality and strong character.

Energy Levels

With boundless energy, Smooth Fox Terriers are perfect for active owners who can match their high-spirited nature.

Prey Instinct

Their high prey instinct, a remnant of their hunting heritage, makes them excellent at sports like agility and tracking.


Females stand 33–38 cm tall, weighing 6–8 kg, while males are slightly larger at 36–41 cm tall, weighing 7–9 kg.

Coat Colors

Their coat comes in colors like white, tri-color, black and white, and white and tan, with a sleek, smooth texture.


With a lifespan of 10–13 years, Smooth Fox Terriers are long-term companions, bringing joy and energy to their families.

Family Compatibility

Good with children and other animals, they fit well into family settings, though they may be too energetic for very young kids.

Not for First-Time Owners

Due to their energetic and sometimes challenging nature, they are not typically recommended for first-time dog owners.

Health Concerns

Minor health concerns include lens luxation, distichiasis, cataract, Legg–Perthes, deafness, and patellar luxation.

Exercise Needs

Requiring ample daily exercise, they are ideal for owners who enjoy an active lifestyle and outdoor adventures.


Highly intelligent, they excel in obedience training and enjoy mental stimulation through interactive play and challenges.


Their smooth coat is easy to groom, requiring regular brushing to maintain its sleek appearance.


Adaptable to various living environments, they thrive in both rural and urban settings, as long as they get enough exercise.