Silky Terrier Dog Breed

Origins & Background

The Silky Terrier, originally known as the Sydney Silky Terrier, hails from Australia. It's a blend of the Yorkshire Terrier and the Australian Terrier.

Distinctive Looks

With their glossy blue and tan coats, almond-shaped eyes, and teddy bear face, they are hard to miss. They have an athletic build, slightly longer than tall.

Bold & Adventurous

Despite their small size, they have a big, bold spirit. They're tenacious, scrappy, mischievous, and have a penchant for barking and chasing.

Health Considerations

They can be prone to conditions like tracheal collapse, diabetes, and skin infections. Regular vet visits and a balanced diet are essential.

Feeding the Silky

These energetic dogs require a balanced diet. Obesity can lead to health issues, so monitoring their weight and food intake is crucial.

Engaging the Silky

They thrive on mental stimulation and physical activity. Early training is essential, especially to manage their barking tendencies.

Coat Care

Their long, sleek coats require regular grooming. Brushing 2-3 times a week helps maintain their lustrous appearance.

Did You Know?

Originally bred for hunting small prey, they excel in scent competitions, agility, and even herding.

Raising a Well-adjusted Silky

Early socialization is key. They can be territorial and may chase small animals, but with proper training, they make delightful companions.

Choosing a Silky Terrier

Ensure you're ready for an energetic, bold character. They thrive in households that can provide ample exercise and mental stimulation.

Embracing the Silky Terrier

A blend of elegance, intelligence, and spirit, the Silky Terrier is a delightful companion that brings joy to any home