Resource Guarding in Dogs

How to Combat Possessive Aggression?

Explaining Resource Guarding in Dogs

When a dog becomes defensive to protect a specific thing, like a toy or food

What Is Resource Guarding?

Items That Trigger Resource Guarding

From treats to their favorite spot, many things can cause resource guarding.

Food Aggression

The most common type of resource guarding. Dogs can become aggressive over their food.

Non-food Aggression

Dogs can be protective over specific spots, toys, or even people.

Why Do Dogs Resource Guard?

From past experiences to natural instincts, various reasons can lead to resource guarding.

What to Do

Seek professional help, manage the environment, and let your dog eat in peace.

Preventing Resource Guarding in Puppies

Early training and positive reinforcement can prevent resource guarding from developing.



Understand and address resource guarding to ensure a happy and safe environment for your dog.