Rat Terriers

Meet the Rat Terrier, a small to medium-sized, intelligent, and active breed.

Origin and History

Rat Terriers originated in the USA, developed for their ratting skills and companionship.

Physical Characteristics

They are compact, muscular, and come in two size varieties.

Energetic and Intelligent

Known for their intelligence and energy, they excel in various dog sports.

Coat and Coloring

Their coat is short and smooth, with varied colors and patterns.


They are loyal, loving, and get along well with families and other pets.

Training Your Rat Terrier

With their intelligence, they respond well to positive training methods.

Exercise Needs

They require regular exercise to manage their high energy levels.

Health Considerations

Generally healthy, they may be prone to certain genetic conditions.

Grooming Essentials

Their short coat requires minimal grooming, with occasional baths.


Early socialization is crucial to develop their friendly and adaptable nature.

Ideal Living Conditions

They adapt well to various living situations, provided they get enough exercise.

Lifespan and Size

They have a lifespan of 12-18 years and come in miniature and standard sizes.

Rat Terriers as Family Pets

They make excellent family pets due to their loyalty and playful nature.