Rainforest Wonders

Rainforest Wonders

Earth's Lush and Vital Ecosystems

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Jen Flatt Osborn


Author of “Rainforest Facts – Discovering the Wonders of Earth’s Lush Jungles!”


Writer for World Animal Foundation

Earth's Green Blanket

Earth's Green Blanket

6% of the Earth is covered by rainforests, vital ecosystems teeming with life.

Climate Champions

Rainforests produce 20% of oxygen, store CO2, and curb greenhouse emissions

Biodiversity Hotspot


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A 10-sq-kilometer rainforest can host thousands of insect species, 400 bird species, and 750 tree species.

Gifts from the Jungle

Many daily products like cocoa, coffee, and pineapple originate from rainforests.

Rainforest's Medicinal Treasure

Almost 70% of plants potent against cancer are found in rainforests.

Rainforest Destruction

Annually, rainforests are disappearing at a rate of 10 million hectares.

Rainforest's Water Cycle

Rainforests receive up to 450 cm of rain annually, playing a vital role in the global water cycle.

Amazon's Majesty

More than half of the Amazon is located in Brazil, home to over 2.5 million insect species.

Rainforest's Ancient Existence

Some tropical rainforests have existed since the time of dinosaurs.

Rainforest's Human Connection

Over 25% of the world's population relies on rainforests for their livelihood

Protect Our Rainforests

"Rainforests are Earth's oldest ecosystems. Let's unite to preserve these treasures for future generations."