quiet chicken breeds

Explore the quieter side of the coop with our guide to the world's most serene chicken breeds. From the fluffy Silkies to the robust Rhode Island Reds, these breeds are perfect for peaceful backyards.


Cochins are known for their fluffy feathers and calm demeanor, making them a quiet and friendly choice for any backyard.

Rhode Island Red

Rhode Island Reds are not only prolific egg layers but also known for their quiet and easygoing nature.


Brahmas, with their impressive size and gentle giant personality, are surprisingly quiet and great for families.


Australorps are not just excellent egg producers; they're also known for being particularly quiet and docile.


Wyandottes stand out with their beautiful plumage and are valued for their calm and quiet behavior in the coop.


Java chickens, one of the oldest American breeds, are known for their hardiness and quiet, easygoing temperament.


Ameraucanas, famous for their blue eggs, are also appreciated for their quiet and friendly nature.


Faverolles are not only beautiful with their unique feathering but also gentle and quiet, perfect for a peaceful coop.

Plymouth Rock

Plymouth Rocks are known for their docile personality and quiet demeanor, making them a favorite among backyard flock owners.


Bantam chickens, known for their smaller size, are also appreciated for their relatively quiet and amiable nature.

Easter Eggers

Easter Eggers, celebrated for their colorful eggs, are also known for being peaceful and quiet birds.

Speckled Sussex

Speckled Sussex chickens are not only attractive but also have a calm and quiet temperament, ideal for suburban coops.

Barred Rock

Barred Rocks are friendly and easygoing, known for their quiet nature and adaptability to different environments.


Sussex chickens are versatile, known for both egg production and meat, and have a calm, quiet demeanor.