The Dark Reality of Puppy Mills

Dive into the shocking statistics and facts about puppy mills and their impact on innocent animals.

The Unseen World of Puppy Mills

Discover findings from the Humane Society’s Horrible Hundred Repeat Offenders.

The Humane Society's Report

There are 10,000 puppy mills in America, keeping pets in overcrowded cages

Scale of the Issue

Many puppies from mills suffer from behavioral and psychological abnormalities

The Sad Reality

The Amish run over 98% of puppy mills in Ohio.

The Amish Connection

Dog brokers pay between $50–$150 for puppies from mills.

The Financial Side

Many puppies die as their mothers can't produce enough milk.

The Health Impact

Only 24% of puppy mills are USDA-licensed

The Licensing Issue

Licensed U.S. puppy mills produce over a million puppies each year.

The Production Numbers

Refuse to support stores that buy from puppy mill breeders. Advocate for change.

The Call to Action