Pocket Beagle

Discover the charming world of Pocket Beagles, a miniature version of the classic Beagle, known for their playful and affectionate nature.


Meet the Pocket Beagle: A miniaturized version of the standard Beagle, perfect for those who love the breed in a smaller package.

Physical Characteristics

Pocket Beagles are small hounds with a sturdy build, featuring a short, easy-care coat in various hound colors.

Size Specifications

Standing 7-12 inches tall and weighing 7-15 pounds, Pocket Beagles are the perfect size for cuddling and easy handling.


With a life expectancy of about 12-15 years, Pocket Beagles are long-term companions, bringing years of joy.


Pocket Beagles are gentle, lively, and curious dogs, brimming with affection and friendliness towards everyone.


Excellent with children and good with other dogs, Pocket Beagles thrive in a social environment.

Training Needs

Intelligent yet independent, Pocket Beagles require patient and firm training with a consistent pack leader.

Vocal Tendencies

Known for their distinct howl and bay, Pocket Beagles have a vocal nature that was cherished in hunting but may need management at home.

Exercise Requirements

Energetic with great stamina, they need daily walks and a reasonable yard size for their exercise needs.


Their smooth, shorthaired coat is low maintenance, requiring only occasional brushing and bathing.

Health Considerations

Generally healthy, but some lines may be prone to heart disease, epilepsy, and other conditions.

Living Conditions

Adaptable to apartment living if given sufficient outdoor time; they are active indoors and do well with a small yard.

Breed History

Originally from England, used for hunting small game; their compact size allowed them to travel under shrubs and bushes.