Plastic Pollution Facts

The Unseen Impact on Our Planet

Oceans Under Siege

Every year, millions of metric tons of plastic waste are deposited into our oceans.

Marine Life in Peril

Annually, almost 100 million marine animals die due to plastic pollution.

Our Plastic Diet

Annually, an individual ingests approximately 70,000 microplastics.

The Rise of Plastic

Globally, around 400 million tons of plastic waste is produced annually.

A Grim Future

By 2050, there could be more plastic than fish in the ocean.

Plastic production and disposal might emit greenhouse gases equivalent to 615 coal plants by 2050.

Plastic & Climate Change

The pandemic added almost 25,900 tonnes of plastic to our oceans.

COVID's Plastic Surge

Philippines contributes 36% of the global plastic waste in the ocean.

The Global Plastic Crisis

The annual value lost in plastic packaging waste during sorting is estimated at US$ 80–120 billion.

Economic Implications

Time for Change

Plastic pollution is a crisis we've created. Let's unite to solve it.