The Famous Pitbull

More than just a breed, they're a symbol of strength and loyalty.

But why does the media often paint them in a negative light?

Media's Villain

Only 1 in 600 Pitbulls show aggression towards humans.

The Surprising Stat

Abuse, neglect, and chaining can turn any dog aggressive.

Aggression Triggers

Media can exaggerate, leading to misconceptions.

Media's Magnifying Glass

Pitbulls aren't the top breed in dog-related fatalities.

Fatalities Across Breeds

Aggression isn't exclusive to Pitbulls. Every breed has its outliers.

Every Breed Has Its Day

Proper upbringing can shape a dog's behavior.

Owners' Responsibility

Breed Specific Legislation often misfires, targeting the innocent.

The Flawed BSL

Descendants of the famous Gator bloodline.

The Unseen Victims

It's time to rewrite the story and advocate for the breed.

Changing the Narrative

With proper care and training, we can prevent negative incidents.

Prevention Over Punishment

Knowledge is the key to understanding and acceptance.

Embrace & Educate

Let's build a world where every breed is loved and understood.

A Future of Coexistence