Pet Ownership in the U.S

As of 2022, 90.5 million US households owned a pet, accounting for 70%

Pet Ownership Worldwide

Indonesia has the highest percentage of households owning a cat The Philippines is a canine nation with 67% dog ownership

Pet Expenditure

Dog owners in the U.S. spend approximately $730 annually on their dogs

Pet Ownership Demographics

Most pet owners in the U.S. are millennials.

Pets in Europe

Approximately, there are 110.15 million households in Europe that own a pet

Exotic Pets

The U.S. has more than 17 million exotic animals

Pet Insurance

More dogs are insured than cats annually in the U.S

Pet Adoption and Shelters

Almost 6.5 million animals go to shelters annually in the U.S.

Pet Ownership Trends

During the COVID-19 pandemic, almost 56% of pet owners were concerned about taking care of their pets.

Pet ownership is a reflection of the bond between humans and animals.