Pet Industry Statistics

Interesting Numbers of Global Pet Market!


Pet Industry Statistics in 2023

The global pet industry is booming, and here's why!

US Pet Industry Growth

In 2022, the US Pet Industry reached $136.8 Billion.

Pet Ownership in the US

More than 66% of US Owners have at least one pet.

Millennials and Pets

32% of the People Born from 1981-1996 are Pet Parents.

Pet Food Market

The Natural Pet Food Market is worth $22.8 Billion globally.

Pet Grooming Trends

An average of $73 is spent yearly by dog owners for dog grooming.

Global Pet Market Size

The Global Pet Market Industry is $261 Billion.

Pet Supplements Trend

The trend to buy pet supplements has increased to 116% from 2019-2020.

Pet Tech Growth

Till 2027, the Pet Tech Industry will expand at a compound growth rate of 22%.

Millennials and Pet Gifts

More than half (51%) of millennials buy gifts for their pets once a month or more.