Parson Russell Terrier

Explore the world of the Parson Russell Terrier, a breed known for its intelligence, energy, and affectionate nature. Uncover surprising facts and insights about these delightful dogs.


Meet the Parson Russell Terrier: A breed of intelligence, energy, and affection, perfect for active families.

Breed Origin

Originating in England, the Parson Russell Terrier was bred for fox hunting, showcasing its remarkable agility and spirit.

Physical Traits

Males stand at 14 inches, females at 13 inches, with a weight range of 13-17 pounds, embodying agility and strength.


With a life expectancy of 13-15 years, the Parson Russell Terrier is a long-term companion, full of vitality.

Coat and Color

Their coats vary from smooth to broken, in predominantly white with black or tan markings, a signature look of the breed.


Known for their fearless and friendly nature, Parson Russell Terriers are great with children and other pets when socialized early.


Highly intelligent and trainable, these terriers excel in dog sports and agility, making them perfect for active owners.

Exercise Needs

They require ample exercise and mental stimulation, making them ideal for those who lead an active lifestyle.

Health Considerations

Generally healthy, but like all breeds, they have specific health concerns, including eye disorders and patellar luxation.


Their grooming needs are moderate, requiring regular brushing and occasional baths to maintain their coat's health.


Adaptable to various living conditions, they thrive in both rural and urban settings when given enough exercise.


Early training and socialization are key to managing their high energy and preventing behavioral issues.

Affection Level

They form strong bonds with their families, known for their loyalty and affectionate nature.


A beloved breed worldwide, the Parson Russell Terrier is admired for its spirited personality and charming looks.