insight into the devastating impact of overfishing on the world's marine life and economy.

Global Fish Production

Yearly, around 200 million tons of fish and seafood are harvested globally.

Depletion Rate

A staggering 80% of the world’s fisheries are already in a state of decline.

Dominant Fishing Nations

20 countries account for 74% of the total global fish capturing.

Fish as Protein

Fish are responsible for providing 17% of the world's protein intake.

Bluefin Tuna's Drastic Decline

Both Eastern and Western Bluefin Tuna populations have seen a 50% decrease since 1970.

Shark Crisis

Fishing practices have led to a 70% reduction in shark numbers.

Empty Oceans by 2048?

If overfishing continues unchecked, our oceans could be devoid of life by 2048.

Trawling Threat

A significant 25% of fish catches are a result of trawling.

Fishing Dominance in Asia

Asia leads in fishing and fish farming, employing over 50 million individuals.

WTO's Historic Ban

In 2022, the World Trade Organization banned fishing subsidies.

Need for Change

The time to act is now, for the sake of our oceans, marine life, and future generations.