Norwegian Lundehund

Explore the fascinating world of the Norwegian Lundehund, a breed known for its distinctive features and playful personality.


The Norwegian Lundehund, a small and agile dog, is known for its unique ability to hunt puffins in Norway.

Physical Characteristics

Males stand 13-15 inches tall, while females are slightly smaller at 12-14 inches, showcasing the breed's compact size.

Weight Differences

Male Norwegian Lundehunds weigh between 15-18 lbs, and females range from 12-15 lbs, highlighting their lightweight build.

Life Expectancy

With a life expectancy of 12-15 years, the Norwegian Lundehund is a long-lived companion, offering years of joy.

Unique Physical Traits

This breed possesses unique physical traits, including extra toes and flexible joints, aiding in its climbing abilities.

Coat and Color

The Norwegian Lundehund has a dense coat, typically in shades of sable and white, which helps it withstand harsh climates.


Known for being alert and energetic, the Norwegian Lundehund is also affectionate and loyal, making it a great family pet.

Training and Intelligence

This breed is intelligent and trainable, but can show independence, requiring consistent and patient training methods.

Exercise Needs

Norwegian Lundehunds require regular exercise to maintain their health and happiness, enjoying activities like hiking and playing.

Health Considerations

Potential health issues include gastrointestinal problems and joint issues, necessitating regular veterinary check-ups.

Grooming Requirements

Regular grooming is essential for this breed, including brushing and nail trimming, to maintain its coat and health.

Breed History

Originally bred for hunting puffins in Norway, the Norwegian Lundehund has a rich history dating back centuries.

Rarity and Preservation

This breed is rare, with efforts ongoing to preserve its unique characteristics and prevent its extinction.

Ideal Living Conditions

Best suited for active families, the Norwegian Lundehund thrives in environments where it can exercise and explore.