newfoundland vs st bernard

Immerse yourself in the world of two gentle giants—the Newfoundland and the Saint Bernard. Discover the subtle yet significant differences that distinguish these friendly, colossal breeds.


Newfoundlands are known for their water rescue abilities, with webbed feet and a water-resistant coat that make them excellent swimmers.

Saint Bernard

Saint Bernards were originally bred for mountain rescue in the Swiss Alps, their immense strength aiding in the search for lost travelers.

Size and Strength

Both breeds are massive, with Newfoundlands slightly outweighing Saint Bernards, yet both can weigh well over 100 pounds.


Newfoundlands have a calm and patient temperament, making them excellent with children, while Saint Bernards are friendly but more independent.

Lifespan and Health

Saint Bernards have a shorter lifespan of 8-10 years compared to Newfoundlands, who can live up to 10 years, with both breeds prone to certain health issues.

Coat and Grooming

The Newfoundland has a dense, water-resistant double coat, requiring regular grooming, while the Saint Bernard's coat can be short or long, with both types needing routine care.

Exercise Needs

Newfoundlands require regular exercise to maintain their health, whereas Saint Bernards need moderate exercise due to their size and energy levels.


Both breeds are intelligent and trainable; however, Newfoundlands may be more eager to please, while Saint Bernards might show a stubborn streak.

Climate Preference

Newfoundlands are well-suited to cooler climates due to their thick coat, while Saint Bernards can adapt to various temperatures but should be monitored in extreme heat.

Family Life

Both breeds are excellent family dogs, with Newfoundlands being particularly known for their "nanny" qualities around children.


Saint Bernards are more prone to drooling because of their facial structure, whereas Newfoundlands, despite their size, drool less.

Historical Roles

Historically, Newfoundlands served as fisherman's assistants, while Saint Bernards were monastery dogs that helped find and save lost travelers.


The Saint Bernard is famously known for saving over 2,000 lives during its service as a rescue dog in the Swiss Alps.