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Writer Name: Talitha Van Niekerk

World's Most Vegetarian Countries

Global Vegetarian Population

Approximately 22% of the global population is vegetarian.

India leads with 42% vegetarians. Surprisingly, 80% of the meat eaters in India are Hindus.

India: A Vegetarian Leader

Israel's Vegetarian Culture

13% of the people in Israel are vegetarians due to its rich vegetarian culture.

UK's Growing Vegetarianism

9% of the UK population is vegetarian. The country also practices flexitarianism.

US's Vegetarian Choices

5% of Americans are vegetarians. 37% prefer vegetarian food when dining out.

China's Vegan Boom

China's plant-based protein industry is worth $1.44 billion. It's expected to reach $12 billion by 2023.

The Veganuary Impact

Over 2.5 million people participated in Veganuary, sparing 2.16 million animals from suffering.

Vegetarianism in Africa

Seychelles is the most vegetarian-friendly country in Africa with a high vegetarian index score.

Global Vegan Eateries

US tops the list with over 18,975 vegetarian restaurants.

Why Go Vegetarian?

Health benefits, economic factors, and ethical concerns are major motives.

Vegan Diet: Health Considerations

Potential deficiencies include vitamin B12, vitamin D, calcium, iron, and omega-3 fatty acids.

Embracing a Greener Diet

Vegetarianism is not just a diet but a lifestyle choice that impacts health, environment, and ethics.

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