UK's Pet Landscape

An overview of the beloved pets living in UK households.

An Impressive Pet Count

A staggering 51 million pets share homes with UK residents.

A Nation of Pet Lovers

A significant 62% of UK households cherish a pet.

Reigning Canine Companions

Dogs are the UK's top pet, cherished by 34% of homes.

UK's Favourite Dog

The Labrador Retriever takes the crown as the most common pet canine.

Feline Friends

28% of UK homes find joy in the company of cats.

Song of Indoor Birds

2.9% of UK homes resonate with the chirps of indoor birds.

Bounding Bunnies

Rabbits are a cherished choice, owned by 2.4% of households.

Hamster Havens

A cozy 1.5% of UK households are home to lively hamsters.

Feathered Farm Friends

UK boasts nearly three-quarters of a million pet chickens.

Guinea Pigs Galore

1.3% of households dote on guinea pigs.

Bond Beyond Numbers

UK's pets signify more than stats; they symbolize love and companionship.

Pet's Impact on UK Lifestyle

Pets have shaped culture, lifestyle, and well-being in the UK.

Future of UK Pet Ownership

How evolving dynamics and tech might shape the UK's pet landscape.

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