The Intelligent & Sharp Omnivore

Natural History of Monkeys

Monkeys migrated to South America from West Central Africa around thirty million years ago.

Classification of Monkeys

Over 200 species of primates are classified into old-world and new-world monkeys.

Old World vs. New World Monkeys

Old-world monkeys have downward noses, while new-world monkeys have flat noses.

Monkeys' Diet

Monkeys are omnivores, eating both flesh and greens. Their diet varies based on their habitat.

Monkey Habitat and Behavior

Monkeys can be found in terrestrial and arboreal habitats, and they often change locations.

Monkey Swimming Abilities

Some monkeys, like marmosets, can swim thanks to their webbed fingers and toes.

Difference Between a Chimpanzee and a Monkey

The main distinction is the presence of a tail in monkeys, which chimpanzees lack.

Threats to Monkey Species

Many monkey species are on the verge of extinction due to habitat destruction and illegal wildlife trade.

Can You Keep a Monkey as a Pet?

While they might seem endearing, monkeys can be unpredictable and sometimes dangerous.