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Legal Exotic Pets: From Adorable to Astonishing

By Megan Bryant


Dive into the world of exotic pets you can legally own. Some might surprise you!

While closely related to us, chimps can be unpredictable and dangerous. Not the best choice for a pet.


Unexpected Choices

Ever thought of having a skunk or a pig as a pet? They're on the list!

Slithering Companions

Slithering Companions

Boa constrictors and Burmese pythons can be owned, but they're not for everyone. These giants demand respect.

Degus: Cute and Sociable

Degus are intelligent rodents, but they have specific care needs. Know before you adopt.

Llamas & Spits

Llamas make excellent pets, but watch out! They might just spit if they're not pleased.

Kinkajous: Nighttime Friends

Related to raccoons, Kinkajous are friendly but need a lot of attention.

Fennec Foxes: Desert Charms

My rule of thumb is to capture everything. And underwater views are so special. They’re definitely worth savoring again and again.

Millipedes: A Unique Choice

African millipedes are long and many-legged. A pet for those who like the unusual.


From the cuddly to the wild, the world of legal exotic pets is vast. Choose wisely and ensure their well-being