Bear Attacks Statistics

Injuries & Fatalities Worldwide!

Global Annual Attacks

40 bear attacks on humans worldwide every year.

Causes of Bear Attacks

Majority of attacks due to bears feeling threatened or protecting their young.

Black Bear Attack Statistic

One fatal black bear attack in the US annually.

The Grizzly's Might

Grizzlies have a bite force of over 1200 PSI, making them highly aggressive.

Brown Bear Attacks 2000–2015

664 brown bear attacks on people globally between 2000–2015.

Grizzly Bear Deaths

Humans account for 71% of grizzly bear deaths.

Polar Bear Attack Seasons

Most polar bear attacks happen in July and December.

Bear Attack Odds

1 in 2.1 million chances of facing a bear attack.

Fatal Attacks in North America

48 fatal bear attacks from 2000–2017.

California's Safe Record

No fatal bear attacks in California since 1986.

Understanding Bear Behavior

Knowledge of bear behavior can prevent attacks.

Importance of Bear Safety

Stay cautious and respect bear territories.

Protecting Bear Habitats

Preserving habitats reduces human-bear conflicts.

Prevention is Key

Carrying bear spray and knowing safety protocols can prevent attacks.

Respect and Coexistence

Mutual respect can lead to harmonious coexistence.

Real Threat

While bear attacks are rare, human threats to bears are real.