Beat the Summer Heat: Tips for Keeping Your Dog Cool

By: Monika Martyn

Dogs don't have sweat glands like humans. Their tongues and paw pads act as cooling mechanisms. Let's explore ways to help them stay cool!

Ensure your pooch has access to plenty of cold water. Hydration is key to preventing heatstroke.

Importance of Hydration

Frozen Treats

Spoil your dogs with cold or frozen rewards like pupsicles, frozen chew toys, and dog-friendly ice cream."

Avoid walking your dog during the hottest parts of the day. Early morning or late evening is best.

Avoid Mid-day Walks

Water Sports Fun

Water sports can be fun for dogs too! Just ensure they don't drink from the ocean or lake.

Never Leave Dogs in Cars


Opt for mental games over physical ones. Hide and seek, word games, and teaching new tricks are great options.

Cooling Beds & Fans

Cooling crate pads and oscillating fans can help your dog cool off indoors.

Monitoring Body Temperature

Keep an eye on your dog's core body temperature. If it rises above 104°F, it's time to take action.