Keep Birds Safe from Cats

Cats love to hunt, and birds are among their favorite targets. But how can we ensure our feathered friends stay safe?

Impact of Outdoor Cats

Millions of birds fall victim to cats each year. It's a pressing issue for bird conservation.

Keep Your Cat Indoors

One simple solution? Keep your feline friend indoors. It's safer for them and the birds.

Benefits of Indoors

Indoor cats lead healthier, longer lives and pose no threat to birds.

Install Bird Feeders Strategically

Place feeders where cats can't easily ambush the birds.

Cat-Proof Birdhouses

Guard birdhouses and nesting sites to deter curious cats.

Alerting Birds

Shiny objects can deter birds from areas where cats might lurk.

Bell the Cat

While not foolproof, bells can warn birds of a cat's approach.

Use Cat Fencing

Special fencing can keep cats out of certain areas.

Cat Training

With patience, cats can be taught boundaries and to curb their hunting instincts.

Spay/Neuter Your Cat

Fixed cats are less likely to roam and hunt.

Mutual Respect

Cats and birds can coexist with our help and understanding.