italian greyhound

Discover the grace and charm of Italian Greyhounds. From their ancient origins to their status as affectionate companions, this story unveils the unique qualities of this elegant and loving breed.

A Graceful Companion

The Italian Greyhound is a breed known for its elegant appearance, slender build, and graceful movements.

Ancient Origins

With roots tracing back over 2,000 years, Italian Greyhounds were favored by nobility in Renaissance Italy.

Miniature Sighthounds

They are the smallest of the sighthounds, used historically for hunting small game due to their keen sight and swift movement.

Loving & Sensitive

Known for their loving nature, Italian Greyhounds form strong bonds with their owners and are sensitive to their emotions.

Ideal Apartment Dogs

Due to their small size and quiet nature, they are excellent choices for apartment living.

Exercise Needs

They require regular exercise but are also content with short bursts of activity and indoor play.

Minimal Grooming Required

Their short, smooth coat requires minimal grooming, making them a low-maintenance breed in terms of coat care.

Health Considerations

Generally healthy, but prone to dental issues and sensitive to cold due to their thin coat.

Intelligent and Trainable

Italian Greyhounds are intelligent and can be trained with patience and positive reinforcement.

Social & Friendly

They are generally friendly towards people and other dogs, but early socialization is important.

Ideal for Singles and Families

Their adaptable nature makes them suitable for singles, couples, and families with older children.

Indoor Lifestyle

They prefer living indoors and are known for being couch potatoes, enjoying comfort and warmth.


Italian Greyhounds have a long lifespan, often living into their mid-teens.

Popularity and Recognition

Recognized by major kennel clubs, they are popular both as companion pets and in dog shows.