irish wolfhound vs scottish deerhound

Step into the world of two majestic breeds, the Scottish Deerhound and the Irish Wolfhound, as we compare their noble histories, distinct characteristics, and gentle temperaments.

Introduction to Scottish Deerhound

The Scottish Deerhound, a breed of aristocratic background, is revered for its grace and speed, historically bred for deer hunting in Scotland.

Introduction to Irish Wolfhound

The Irish Wolfhound, known as a gentle giant, carries a legacy as a war dog and hunter, with a commanding presence and serene nature.

Size Comparison

Both breeds are towering figures, but the Irish Wolfhound typically stands as the taller of the two, holding the title of the tallest dog breed.

Historical Roles

Scottish Deerhounds were the companions of Scottish chieftains, while Irish Wolfhounds were the dogs of Irish kings, both sharing a history intertwined with nobility.


Despite their imposing size, both breeds are known for their gentle temperament, with the Deerhound being slightly more reserved and the Wolfhound more gregarious.

Exercise Needs

Both breeds require regular exercise to maintain their health, with the Deerhound needing a bit more due to its higher energy levels.

Grooming Requirements

The rough coat of an Irish Wolfhound requires regular grooming to prevent matting, while the Scottish Deerhound's coat is slightly easier to maintain.

Health Considerations

Both breeds may be prone to certain health issues such as cardiomyopathy and bone cancer, with responsible breeding practices being crucial for their wellbeing.


The majestic life of these breeds is unfortunately short-lived, with both having similar lifespans averaging 6-8 years, a poignant reminder of their fleeting time with us.


The Irish Wolfhound is slightly more adaptable to various living situations than the Scottish Deerhound, which thrives in more spacious environments.

Training and Intelligence

Both breeds are intelligent and trainable, with the Irish Wolfhound being particularly eager to please, making them slightly more amenable to training.

Breed Popularity

The Irish Wolfhound enjoys a bit more popularity than the Scottish Deerhound, likely due to its more outgoing nature and adaptability.

Ideal Family Fit

Both breeds make excellent family pets for those who can accommodate their size and exercise needs, with a slight edge to the Irish Wolfhound for its sociable nature.