Discover the Huskydoodle, a captivating mix of Siberian Husky and Poodle characteristics, blending intelligence, energy, and a distinctive appearance.


A remarkable crossbreed that inherits the best traits of Siberian Huskies and Poodles, known for their intelligence and friendly nature.


Emerging in the last 20 years, Huskydoodles are part of the 'doodle' dog trend, combining popular breeds for unique mixes.


They exhibit a range of colors and coat types, often with the Husky's striking eyes and the Poodle's curly fur.

Size and Weight

Typically medium to large dogs, they weigh between 40-60 pounds, with a sturdy build reflecting both parent breeds.


Known for their intelligence, playfulness, and affectionate nature, making them excellent family pets.

Training and Intelligence

Highly trainable due to their intelligence, Huskydoodles respond well to positive reinforcement and consistent training methods.

Exercise Needs

They require regular exercise to keep them physically and mentally stimulated, ideal for active families.

Grooming Requirements

Their coat needs regular grooming to prevent matting, especially if they inherit the Poodle's curly fur.

Health and Lifespan

Generally healthy with a lifespan of 10-13 years, but prone to certain genetic health issues from both parent breeds.

Suitability for Families

Excellent with children and other pets, making them a great addition to most family settings.


Adapts well to different living environments, but prefers spaces where they can move freely.


Gaining popularity for their unique looks and amiable personality, appealing to a wide range of dog lovers.


The price for a Huskydoodle puppy can vary, influenced by factors like breeder reputation and coat color.