Humpback Whale: The Gentle Giant

What's in a Name?

Humpback whales derive their name from the notable hump on their backs

Size Matters

Humpback whales can reach up to 60 feet in length and weigh around 40 tons

A Long Journey

Each humpback whale travels a distance of up to 16,000 miles between feeding and breeding grounds

Diet of the Humpback

Humpbacks ingest up to 3,000 pounds of small fish and crustaceans daily.

Vocal Giants

Male humpback whales create songs with haunting, lengthy vocalizations

Lifespan of the Humpback

Humpback whales can live for 80 – 90 years

Threats to the Humpback

Major threats include vessel collisions, entanglement in fishing gear, climate change, and ocean pollution

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