Dog Theft

How to Protect Your Best Friend from Being Stolen

Dog Theft

Discovering that someone stole the family dog is devastating news. The heartbreaking realization that a beloved pet is missing causes people to panic.

The Shocking Numbers

Nearly 10 million dogs and cats go missing annually in the US. Only 10% of owners get their dogs back.

Targeted Breeds

High-value dogs like Bulldogs, Yorkshire Terriers, Chihuahuas, and French Bulldogs are easy targets for thieves.

Why Do They Steal?

Thieves target high-value dogs for their increased resale value of around $2000 and above.

Legal Penalties

15 US states have laws against dog theft. In some states, dog stealing can result in imprisonment and fines.

Prevention is Key

Never leave your dog unattended. Microchipping and GPS trackers can also help.

The Emotional Toll

Pets that become separated from their owners experience emotional trauma. Many animal captivity statistics support this.

The Demand for Purebreds

There is a high demand for certain purebreds and designer mixes, making them prime targets for theft.

Importance of Vigilance

As pet owners, it’s vital to remain vigilant. Never leave your precious pet in a vehicle, tied outside a store, or unattended in your yard.

Reuniting with Lost Pets

Although the news is tough to bear, don’t give up. Harness your energies, become one of the 10% who get their dogs back, and help put the law on dog nappers.