How to Keep Birds off Porch?

Bird Deterrents

Using visual deterrents such as reflective tapes, discs or old CDs can help in keeping birds at bay.


Install netting to prevent birds from accessing your porch and establishing their nesting sites.

Bird Spikes

Consider placing bird spikes to prevent birds from landing and nesting.

Noise Makers

Using noise makers can scare away birds without causing them harm.

Water Spray

A motion-activated water spray or sprinkler can deter birds effectively.

Proper Sanitation

Maintaining cleanliness can discourage birds as it deprives them of food sources.

Avoiding Feeders

Avoid placing bird feeders which attract birds.

Fragrance Deterrents

Some strong scents like that of certain soaps can repel birds.

Anti-Bird Screens

Installing screens can act as a physical barrier preventing bird entry.

Strategic Decors

Strategic placement of porch decor can obstruct desirable landing and nesting sites for birds.

Mild Deterrents

Placement of a fake owl or hawk can act as a mild deterrent as birds tend to avoid areas with predators.

Lighting Solutions

Installing lights with changing patterns can deter birds.

Timely Intervention

Removing nests regularly can send a message to birds that your porch is not a suitable place for nesting.

Professional Help

When all else fails, seeking professional help is a suitable option.