Banishing Bats: Safe & Effective Methods

Cody Mitchell

Bats, the only flying mammals, are fascinating creatures. While they play a vital role in the ecosystem, their presence in homes can be unsettling.

The Bat Intrusion

Bats can easily creep into our homes at night to feed on insects. Their complex social structures and echolocation make them unique.


Identify the Bat Type

Using bat detectors, one can identify the species of bats based on their ultrasonic squeals, helping in effective removal.

Seal Entry Points

Locate and seal cracks and holes in your home. Expanding foams or metal screens can be effective in keeping bats out

Natural Bat Repellers

Natural oil sprays, including mint, eucalyptus, and peppermint, can deter bats. Ensure safety by using eye protection.

Pest control companies often use exclusion boxes to prevent bats from accessing certain areas, ensuring they can exit but not return.

Remove Food Sources

Eliminate food sources in your garden that attract bats. Using pepper spray or installing bat nets can be effective.

Reflective surfaces like mirrors or aluminum foil can deter bats. They can be placed at potential entry points.

Mirrors & Aluminum Foil

While bats are beneficial for the environment, it's essential to ensure they don't become a nuisance in our living spaces. Use safe and humane methods for bat removal.