How Many Cats Are in the USA?

San Francisco, CA, became the first no-kill city in 1994.

The No-Kill City

Basic annual expenses for cats total around $900/year, including vet costs, food, toys, and more.

Annual Cat Expenses

69% of millennials buy organic food for their pets.

Millennials & Organic Cat Food

Annually, 3.2 million cats are brought into US shelters.

Cats in US Shelters

In 2018, there were almost 373 million cats kept as pets around the world.

Cat Ownership Worldwide

58.3 million pet cats live in the US.

Cats in the US

The American state that owns the most cats (45%) is Vermont.

Cat Ownership by State

Some people even used their homes as makeshift shelters for cats during the pandemic.

Cats & The Pandemic

There are approximately 110 million cats in European households.

Cats in European Households

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