How Many Birds Do Cats Kill?

Impact of Free-ranging Cats

 Free-ranging cats, whether feral or domestic, have a significant impact on wildlife, especially birds.

Cats: Non-native Invasive Species

The IUCN lists domestic cats as one of the world's most non-native invasive species.

Bird Mortality Rates

Cats contribute to about two-thirds of all bird deaths, excluding habitat loss.

Cats and Bird Extinction

Cats have led to the extinction of 63 species of birds, reptiles, and mammals.

Annual Bird Deaths

In the US and Canada, cats kill an estimated 764 million birds annually.

Threat to Endangered Birds

Cats prey on endangered bird species, including the Hawaiian Petrel, Palila, and Nene.

Hawaiian Catastrophe

The introduction of cats in the 1700s to the Hawaiian Islands resulted in the loss of unique bird species.

Toxoplasmosis Threat

Cats spread diseases like Toxoplasmosis, which can affect the brain and behavior of individuals.

Global Cat Population

With an estimated global cat population of 300-600 million, the threat to avian populations is significant.

The Way Forward

By implementing strategies to protect birds from cats, we can ensure a thriving avian population.