How Many Animals Are in the World?

Incredible diversity of animal species on our planet.

A World of Species

Out of 8.7 million species on Earth, 2.16 million are animals.

Dominance of Invertebrates

A whopping 97% of all animal species are invertebrates.

 Vertebrate Species Count

Over 62,000 vertebrate species have been identified worldwide.

Vast World of Insects

An astounding estimate suggests 10 quintillion insect species.

Birds and Reptiles Count

11,188 bird and 11,733 reptile species have been described.

Mammals Across the Globe

Our planet is home to around 6,596 distinct mammal species.

Amazing Amphibians

The current database shows 8,680 unique amphibian species.

Sea Full of Fish

The oceans and rivers are teeming with about 3.5 trillion fish.

Undiscovered Species

A majority of species, 86% land and 91% marine, remain undiscovered.

Chicken Over Humans

Chickens outnumber humans, highlighting their vast global population.

Diverse Ecosystems

Different ecosystems support varied species, adding to the planet's biodiversity.

Biodiversity Hotspots

Regions such as the Amazon Rainforest and Madagascar are teeming with unique species, many of which haven't been discovered yet.

Chicken Phenomenon

Chickens, valued for their meat and eggs, are domesticated on a large scale, leading them to outnumber humans globally.