Right Way to Clean Your Cat's Bowl

Why Clean Regularly?

Dirty bowls can harbor bacteria, affecting your cat's health.

Daily Cleaning

Rinse the bowl daily to remove leftover food and saliva.

Soap Selection

Use a mild, unscented dish soap to avoid irritating your cat's sensitive nose.

Scrubbing Time

Scrub the bowl at least once a week to remove any stuck-on food.

Rinse Thoroughly

Ensure all soap residues are washed off to prevent ingestion.

Drying Matters

Let the bowl air dry or use a clean towel to prevent bacterial growth.

Material Matters

Stainless steel or ceramic bowls are easier to clean and less porous than plastic.

Watch for Scratches

Scratches can harbor bacteria. Replace bowls that are heavily scratched.

Fresh Water Daily

Always provide fresh water daily and clean the water bowl as well.