Resource Guarding in Dogs

What is it and how to address it?

What is Resource Guarding?

A behavior where dogs protect their possessions from others.

Commonly Guarded Items

Toys, food, places, and even people can be guarded.

Signs of Resource Guarding

Growling, snapping, and biting when approached.

Why Do Dogs Guard?

An instinctual behavior rooted in survival.

Is It Aggression?

Not necessarily. It's about control over resources.

Prevention is Key

Train puppies early to reduce possessive tendencies.

The "Trade-Up" Method

Offer something better to encourage letting go.

Avoid Punishment

Punishing can exacerbate the problem.

Professional Help

Consider consulting a behaviorist for severe cases.

A Happy, Well-Adjusted Dog

With patience and understanding, resource guarding can be managed.