Food Waste Statistics

Every year, billions of pounds of food go to waste, affecting both the environment and society.

Retail Wastage

About 12% of fruits and vegetables are discarded at the retail level.

Confusion of Expiration Labels

Over 80% of Americans toss edible food due to misunderstood expiration dates.

Cost of Wastage for Families

The average American family of 4 wastes approximately $1,500 on food every year.

Organic Waste Emissions

Organic waste in the US emits like 37 million cars or 42 coal plants.

Food Insecurity

Despite food waste, 1 in 10 Americans face food insecurity.

Global Greenhouse Emissions

8%-10% of global greenhouse gas emissions come from food waste.

Global Food Waste

1.3 billion tonnes of food, a third of the global production, is wasted yearly.

US Household Food Waste

In 2021, the US ranked third in per capita household food waste.

Staggering Amount

Around 133 billion pounds of food are estimated to be wasted annually in the US.

Most Wasted Food

Bread tops the list, wasting over 240 million slices yearly.


Excessive food waste results in socio-economic and environmental repercussions.

Change Starts with Awareness

Raising awareness about food waste can make a difference in consumption patterns.

Reducing Waste for a Better Future

Adopting better food habits and understanding wastage can pave the way for a sustainable future.