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Flying with Your Cat

Preparation tips by: Elise Margulis


Preparing for the Skies

Embarking on a plane journey with your feline? Here's how to ensure a smooth experience.

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Is Air Travel Safe for Cats?

While flying is generally safe, it's essential to be aware of health implications and stress factors.

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Ensure all documentation is ready, consult your vet, and make your cat familiar with the carrier.

Before the Flight

Medicating Your Cat?

Avoid sedatives during flights. Consult your vet for safe alternatives.

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Air Travel Expenses

Costs can range depending on the airline and destination. Typically between $95 to $200.

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Pack their favorite toys, treats, and a comforting piece of your clothing.

Ensuring Kitty's Comfort

Airline Regulations

Each airline has specific regulations. For instance, Delta Airlines has specific size and weight requirements.

Keeping Health Records

Ensure your cat's health certificate is up-to-date, especially for international travel.

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The carrier should be airline-approved and comfortable for your cat.

Choosing the Right Carrier

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