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Global Trash Dilemma

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Unravel the shocking truths about the waste we generate and its impact on the environment

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Household Trash Composition

Approximately 65% of household trash is composed of packaging.

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American Trash Footprint

The US creates enough trash daily to fill 63,000 trucks.

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Multiple ocean garbage patches exist worldwide, harming marine life.

Ocean's Garbage Patches

Food Waste Issue

Every day, Americans discard about 150,000 tons of food.

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E-Waste: A Growing Concern

Annually, the world generates over 53.6 million tons of electronic waste.

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One of the most significant ocean garbage patches, visible even from space.

Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Legacy of Trash

Each American leaves behind 90,000 pounds of trash for future generations.

Recycling: A Ray of Hope

Recycling can make a significant impact on consumption and pollution rates.

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Places like Bantar Gebang struggle with waste management, with landfills set to overload soon.

Challenge of Developing Countries

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