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Facts About Earthquakes

Facts About Earthquakes

By Jenn Flat Osborn

Unraveling Nature's Trembling Power

How Often Do They Occur?

Around 500,000 earthquakes are felt globally each year, with 100 causing damage.









The Tectonic Dance

Earth's crust has 20 constantly moving plates, leading to seismic activities.

How Deep Do They Occur?

Majority of earthquakes happen under 80 km from Earth's surface.

The Ring of Fire

Almost 90% of the world's earthquakes occur in the 'Ring of Fire' region.

Gauging the Tremors

Moment Magnitude is the most reliable size indicator for major earthquakes.

Historical Earthquakes

The earliest recorded earthquake evidence is from 1831 BC in China.

Tsunamis and Earthquakes

The 2004 undersea earthquake in the Indian Ocean triggered catastrophic tsunamis, impacting multiple countries.

Earthquake's Global Impact

Chile experienced the world's largest reported earthquake, recorded at 9.5 magnitude in 1960.

Sensing the Shakes

Weather can be fickle here. If you plan to hike all day, make sure to be prepared with a set of warmer layers in a backpack.

Earthquake's Duration

Small quakes last a few seconds, while larger ones can last a couple of minutes.

Understanding Earth's Tremors

"Earthquakes are a testament to our planet's dynamic nature. By understanding them, we can better prepare and protect ourselves."

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