Facts About Chickens

You Will Be Lovin’ It!

The World of Chickens

Unravel the intriguing facts about these common birds.

Not Just Farm Animals

Chickens are found in the wild, on farms, and as pets.

A Bird of Many Sounds

Chickens have over 30 types of vocalizations.

Dreaming Birds

Chickens experience REM sleep and dream like humans.

Color Vision

Chickens see a broad spectrum of colors.

Social Creatures

Chickens form complex social structures.

Motherly Instincts

Hens communicate with their chicks before they hatch.

Ancient Birds

Chickens have been around for over 8,000 years.

Fast Runners

Chickens can run up to 9 miles per hour.

Unique Eggs

Egg color can vary based on the chicken's breed.

Intelligent Birds

Chickens can recognize over 100 faces.

Emotional Depth

Chickens feel empathy and can experience stress.

A Symbol of Courage

Many cultures view the rooster as a symbol of bravery.