Fascinating World of


A Diverse Family

There are over 20,000 distinct species of bees in the world.

Honeybees:  Nature's Architects

Honeybees create intricate hives made of hexagonal cells.

Queen's Role

The queen bee lays all the eggs in a hive, producing up to 1,500 eggs a day.

Worker Bees:

Worker bees perform various tasks like foraging, cleaning, and guarding the hive.

Short Life of Male Bees

Male bees, or drones, live only a few weeks and their primary role is to mate with the queen.

Bee's Communication

Bees communicate through dances, like the "waggle dance", to share the location of food sources.

Threats to Bees

Pesticides, habitat loss, and diseases are major threats to bee populations.

– The Weight of a Single Bee Is 0.00025 Pounds

– Average Hive Can Hold 50,000 Bees