The Harrowing Truth Behind Factory Farming

Animal Cruelty in Factory Farms

The Dreadful Numbers Behind Meat & Dairy Industry

Every Second Counts

Every second, 2000 chickens are slaughtered

Dairy Overload

Dairy cows produce almost 20,000 lbs of milk annually

Rainforest Depletion

Approximately 14,400 acres of rainforests are cleared for cattle farms

Factory Farming's Global Reach

Two-thirds of animals raised for food are factory farmed globally

Methane Production

Farming cows produce the highest amount of methane.

Piglets' Short Lives

Piglets are slaughtered after only 6 months, with few ever seeing daylight

The Evolution of Chickens

Today’s chicken has 220% more fat than 1950’s chicken

Antibiotics in Farming

Farmers feed antibiotics to animals in bulk

Environmental Impact

Agriculture is the biggest water waster, influencing climate change and polluting the environment