Endangered Animal

Alarming State of Endangered Species

Alarming State of Endangered Species

Understanding the urgent need to protect them.

Sixth Mass Extinction

We are currently in the sixth mass extinction, largely caused by human activities.

IUCN Red List

Over 40,000 species listed as “Threatened.

African Elephants at Risk

– Populations have been reduced by over half in recent times.

Plight of the Red Wolves

Expected to be extinct by 2026.

Cost of Biodiversity Loss

- Lack of global biodiversity preservation could cost billions.

Threat to Sea Turtles

Six out of seven sea turtle species are threatened.

Decline of Wild Tigers

Only 3,900 wild tigers remain in the entire world.

Importance of Habitats

Why habitats matter for the survival of species.

Take Action Now

We all have the power to make a difference and protect endangered species.

Endangered Animal Statistics and Analysis