duck breeds

Discover the diverse world of duck breeds, each with unique characteristics and qualities, perfect for different needs and environments.

American Pekin

American Pekin ducks are known for their friendly nature and fast growth, making them a popular choice for both pets and poultry.

Khaki Campbell

Khaki Campbell ducks are celebrated for their exceptional egg-laying abilities, often outperforming even some chicken breeds.

Indian Runner Duck

Indian Runner ducks are unique for their upright posture and excellent foraging skills, making them great for pest control.

Welsh Harlequin

Welsh Harlequin ducks are not only beautiful but also efficient layers, known for their calm temperament.

Rouen Duck

Rouen ducks, resembling mallards, are admired for their meat quality and striking plumage, ideal for ornamental purposes.

Silver Appleyard

Silver Appleyard ducks are dual-purpose, known for both their meat and egg production, with a distinctive colorful plumage.

Call Duck

Call ducks, originally bred for hunting, are now popular as pets due to their small size and charming vocalizations.

Swedish Blue

Swedish Blue ducks are known for their striking blue hue and calm nature, making them a favorite among duck enthusiasts.

Magpie Duck

Magpie ducks stand out with their unique black and white plumage and are valued for both egg and meat production.

Cayuga Duck

Cayuga ducks are known for their iridescent black feathers and quiet demeanor, along with being reliable egg layers.

Saxony Duck

Saxony ducks are appreciated for their heavy build and striking appearance, suitable for both meat and eggs.

Orpington Duck

Orpington Ducks, not to be confused with Orpington chickens, are prized for their meat, eggs, and friendly nature.

Which Duck Breed is Right for You? Consider your space, purpose, and lifestyle to choose the perfect feathered friend.