Dog Statistics & Fun Facts for All Dog Lovers!

Almost 63.4 Million American Households Have at Least One Dog (HSUS).

Popularity & Ownership

There Are Over 190 Different Dog Breeds (AKC).

Dog Breeds

Owning a Dog Decreases High Blood Pressure Levels by 3.34 mmHg (Healthy Pets).

Dogs & Health

Dogs Can Assist in Decreasing Anxiety and Loneliness by 60% (Healthline).

Dogs & Companionship

25 Million Dog Owners Take Their Pups on Vacation (APPA).

Dogs on Vacation

Around 73% of Dog Owners Used Some Kind of Training Method (AKC).

Dogs & Training

Around 1.5 Million Dogs Are Euthanized in Animal Shelters Annually (ASPCA)

Dogs in Shelters

Around 43% of Dogs Sleep on Their Owners’ Beds (APPA).

Dogs & Sleep

Dog Owners Are 54% More Likely To Receive the Recommended Daily Dose of Exercise (American Humane)

Dogs & Exercise

Around 43% of Dog Owners Get Premium Food for Their Dogs (Vetstreet)

Dogs & Diet

About 23% of Pet Dogs Are Rescued From a Shelter or Humane Society (ASPCA).

Dogs & Adoption

The Dog Training Statistics Show the Cost of Dog Training Ranges From $30 to $80 per Class (APPA).

Dogs & Training Costs

In the US, There Are Over 10,000 Licensed and Unlicensed Puppy Mills (the Puppy Mill Project).

Dogs & Puppy Mills

It’s Estimated That There Are More Than 900 Million Dogs Across the World (World Atlas).

Dogs & Global Population