Dog-Friendly Stores

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Jen Flatt Osborn

Ever wished to take your canine companion shopping with you? Discover which stores welcome your furry friend with open arms!

The Reality

While many people wish dogs were allowed everywhere, not all stores are dog-friendly due to various reasons.

Some stores, like PetSmart, welcome all dog breeds. They even offer training classes and have pet supply sections.

Dog-Friendly Stores

Stores like Target and Walmart only allow service animals. It's essential to know the store's policy before visiting.

The Restrictions

How to Find Out

Always call the specific store you plan to visit and ask about their pet policy. Ensure they understand it's not a service dog.

Some Welcoming Stores



Bass Pro Shops




The Car Dilemma

Never leave your dog in the car without you, especially in the heat. Heat exhaustion can be fatal.

Benefits of Dog-Friendly Stores

Allowing dogs can enhance the shopping experience, build customer loyalty, and even increase the time spent in stores.